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The Liberator is always keen to hear your views on any topic you’d like to share or discuss. Whether it’s feedback on a specific Episode or if you simply want to know where’s the best place to eat in Cape Town; Rick probably knows the answer. Please feel free to pose your questions and make your comments here using the form at the bottom of the page or, alternatively mail Rick at

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  1. Sean O'Neill

    Hi, I am just about to start stocking The Liberator Chenin Blanc in my bar in the UK. Can you advise if it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans to drink,

  2. kenn husted

    Hi Rick,

    I am going to Cape Wine in September and are looking for wines, that are not yet represented in Denmark.
    if you are not, please send me your portfolio and Exportprices.
    I have 9 winebars/restaurants and 2 wineshops in Copenhagen, and are doing a lot of wholesale all over Denmark.
    At the moment I do not have any Wines from South Africa.
    I am looking foreward to hear from you

    Best regards

    Kenn Husted
    Husted Vin

  3. Blessing Gwacela

    I Recently tasted your beautiful Syrah The Liberator Francophile 2013!!! It was absolutely stunning. To cut it short i am very interested to work with your product. I am from South Africa but I live and work In Dubai. If you’re interested on spreading the Liberator please email me an and we can have a word. Thank you & Keep up the good work.

  4. raymond gorremans

    I will visit Stellenbosch from Fri 3 April till Wed 8th April and want to visit your winery.
    I’m selling your wines in Belgium (imported by Arnim, Koen De Ridder) and wand to make some guided tour and wine tasting if possible. Can you inform me if this is possible and when is the most convenient timing and date for you.
    Thank you in advanceµ

  5. Kelli Coxhead


    Just to let you know we stock the Liberator at The Wine Shop in Winscombe, 21 Woodborough Road, Winscombe, Somerset BS25 1AB.
    01934 708312

    Let me know if you need any further info for your stockiest page!


    Kelli : )

  6. barbara

    Hi there,

    I live in London and would love to buy some more liberator wines but can’t find any! All the stockists you mention on your website don’t seem to ahve any!
    I am particularly interested in your reds (except Baroque’n roll and the connaisseur which I already have got quite a few bottles of).
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Barbara,

      There is a very nice man in Skipton, North Yorkshire called Julian. He’ll be able to help you out with some Episode Three and Four, plus The Francophile. You can get hold of him via their excellent website –

      I hope you can liberate some for Londinium…

      Best wishes


      1. Christa Lucas

        The man in Skipton is very nice and very knowledgeable – bought some Liberator wines from him today. The Wine Society also stocks 3 Liberator wines.

  7. Natja

    Could you please provide me with a South-African contact/shop/online-shop where I can purchase your special edition wine ‘baroque n roll’. Thank you.

    1. Admin Post author

      Dear Natja, I am afraid that all of this particular ‘Special Edition’ was shipped to one customer in the UK and it has subsequently sold out. I am sorry that Rick won’t be able to make a plan to help you on this occasion.

  8. David Banford

    Dear Rick,
    Any chance of getting any of your wines in or around Stellenbosch?
    Need to be ‘liberated’ from the run-of-the-mill wines that are increasingly prevalent in the local wine shops – granted you can find good wines at the farms, but you need to get out and about!
    Please let me know.

  9. J. Bahn


    I am the social media director for Wines of South Africa (WoSA) and would love to interview you for our website. Please message me if you have time to participate. Thanks.


  10. koen de ridder

    Dear Sir/Madam

    im a belgium importer of fine wines from south africa… we are also part of haute cabriere..

    im always interested in exclusive wines and fun stuff…

    haw do you actually work and haw do you operate… please get in touch with me, im intersted to hear more

    kind regards koen

  11. Giles Griffin

    Dear Sir Liberator,
    What a pleasure to find The Liberator Episode 1 (The Bureaucrat) at Old School Wines in Tittensor, Staffs last week – the local wine emporium of friends of mine who live but a mile away. But imagine my horror on finding no trace of The Liberator in Platter’s Wine Bible, nor, according to your own website, anywhere in South Africa, where I live. Notwithstanding its premium price – at Old School Wines, at least – it would, I think, acquire a following amongst the growing white blend cognoscenti here. Might I be so bold as to ask if that might be possible – or if, indeed, as sometimes happens, The Liberator is indeed here but under another name? It is not unlike, in principle if not actual ingredients, another relatively unsung Swartland white blend called Nativo (mostly Viognier, blended with Chenin), made by Hughes Family Wines. Perhaps you know it… Please consider letting South Africans share in your skills and discoveries. If you are working with Miles Mossop, you clearly have talented allies. More’s the pity that South Africans cannot benefit from those alliances.

  12. Richard Kelley

    Hi Ms Vouvray, I’ll be in the Loire next month and will bring a sample…. I’ve been in the Cape this week and by chance tasted the 2 barrels that were produced ‘over the phone’ by Vincent at Leeuwenkuil. I’ve just put my name on them or a future Liberator blend! I’ll discuss when I see you… Best. Rick

  13. Ms Vouvray

    Any chance of picking up a bottle the other side of the channel? Would love to throw it into a blind tasting and see a few Frogs scratching their heads.

  14. Cate Hunter

    Hi Rick
    Bluebird Garage would like to invite you to participate in our Bluebird Barrel and Brew Festival on the 10 & 11th of September. This will be a wine and beer festival with a difference – showcasing Western Cape Boutique, Garagiste, Organic and Bio-Diversity producers, with a passion and dedication for crafting the finest quality and tasting beverages.

    Should you be interested in hiring a stall at for the week-end of this event, please let us know as soon as possible,

    1. admin

      Dear Cate,

      You probably know that Rick resides in England, but he does happen to be in the Cape that weekend… Unfortunately for the moment, The Liberator has no distribution within SA and the current Episodes (1&2) were all shipped to the UK and have since sold out. Rick is out to scour the Winelands for some follow-up adventures, but for the moment he has nothing to show – except himself. Don’t be surprised to see him at the festival, however; he likes a good party. He’ll be the one with the posh English accent, wearing a rather tatty Harris Tweed jacket.

      Next year, perhaps…?

      Best wishes

      Richard Kelley MW
      aka The Cape Crusader

  15. Monty Waldin


    Richard Kelley MW of Richards Walford in the UK told me about you.

    My new book, Monty Waldin’s Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011, may be of interest. The most comprehensive book yet written on biodynamic wine, it describes biodynamic theory and practice clearly and concisely but in depth, and explains how biodynamics differs from organics. Over 1,500 bio wineries worldwide are profiled.

    Please go to or paste this link into your web browser for ordering info:

    Please feel free to email me on if you have any questions – I’d be happy to help.

    Monty Waldin (British)
    Contributor: BBC TV and Radio; Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide; Jancis Robinson MW’s Oxford Companion to Wine; Tom Stevenson’s Wine Report; The Ecologist.

    Author: Monty Waldin’s Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011; Chateau Monty (Portico, 2008); Discovering Wine Country Tuscany (Mitchell Beazley, 2005); Discovering Wine Country Bordeaux (Mitchell Beazley, 2004); Biodynamic Wines (Mitchell Beazley, 2003); Wines of South America (Mitchell Beazley, 2002); The Organic Wine Guide (Thorsons, 1999).

  16. Tim C

    Your London stockists list is woefully out of date: Handfords haven’t been in W11 for a few years now, having decamped to South Kensington….


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